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The palette of Bianca Acrylic Art Paints group includes 25 acrylic, 14 acrylic metallic, 4 acrylic transparent oxide, 4 acrylic fluorescent tones what makes 47 colours in sum.
Metallic colours are glossy and the rest have matt appearance. Composing the colours we paid attention to the quality of pigments first of all.  All colours except for fluorescent tones are resistant to light Due to the pigments and acrylic resin used in the production of this group makes them very durable. Their colour does not fade with the time and remains as bright as in first day. Because of optimal pigment proportion of pigments possesses excellent covering ability an sharpness. Highly resistive against base environment. All colours are diluted with water and can be mixed with each other. No harmful substances are used in its production. Paint has a pleasant odour and does not irritate users. Easy to prepare to use. The metallic group provides the artists plenty of different qualities and opportunities. High viscosity gives every brushstroke distinctness and infuses the masterpiece with special ambience. Perfectly suitable in various painting techniques and for various surfaces. The paints are steady to moisture after the drying which takes 24 hours. Due to this ability it can be used in painting sculptures and frescos.

Volume: 120ml - 250ml - 500ml bottles


When applied as a primer on spongy surfaces where oil or acrylic paints are to be used provides a perfect result due to its adhesive properties. Giving the surface mat appearance hides its defects.  Drying period is approximately 2 hrs depending on surface type and application conditions.

Volume: 0,75 l - 2,5 l