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Products Coloring System

• It is an acrylic copolymer based, developed for coloring operations with a matt appearance water based paint.
• Color tubes having 28 different colors with all water based paints white, exactly 168 colors are obtained.
• Bianca Color Tubes can be used in all water based products of Bianca Paint.
• Bianca Color Tube added paint should be mixed smoothly.
• In order to achieve the required color, the necessary Bianca Color Tube is mixed with the specified amount of “white” Super Plastic, Import Plastic, Mira Plastic, Vals Matt, Vals Semi Gloss, Vals Silk Matt, Silicone Based Exterior, Acrylic Based Exterior and Eco Plastic Paints.

Mixture ratios of Bianca Paint White with Bianca Coloring Tubes are given in the table below. Required color tone can be achieved via this table.

Example : The achievement of “Krem 4” from the color table:

The color of “Krem 4" is at the color tone group of no 4. According to the mixture table, in order to achieve this color, mix 300 ml. 0010-Krem main color tone to 15 lt of "white" Bianca Vals Silk Matt and as a result, achieve 15,30 lt. Bianca Vals Silk Matt Krem 4.

Bianca Coloring System is available at 120, 250 and 500 ml. packages.

During the coloring process of Bianca Silicone Based Exterior and Bianca Acrylic Based Exterior with Bianca Color Tube, colors with the sign "only for interior" should not be chosen.