Bianca Boya
Acrylic copolymer emulsion based elastic exterior surface coating substance.

Applicable to plaster, concrete, brick and wooden surfaces. Successfully used in the areas where the sea water and moisture is highly effective.

• Non-oxidizing, resistant to salt, moisture and weak chemical solvents
• Non-oxidizing, resistant to salt, moisture and weak chemical solvents.
• Avoids the generation of bacterium.
• Resistant to ultra-violet rays.
• Can be washed surface detergent or soaped water.
• Semi-gloss  appearance.
• Does not lose its elastic nature within time.
• Hides the very fine cracks due to its elastic nature.
• Enables to work out various designes on the applicable surface by change of roller.
• Walls continuously remain dry due to its water-repellent nature. By this way, the loss of heat, surface pollution, formation of moss and mold is minimized.

Applicable surfaces must be clean and dry, free from old painting remains, all kinds of dirt, oil and dust. Bianca Acrylic Based Exterior Primer (White Primer) must be applied to the highly absorbent surfaces that are to be painted for the first time. At least 6 hours should pass after the application of the primer. Then Bianca Elastic Exterior Wall Coating paint should be applied.The surface and air temperature should be min.+5ºC and max.+30ºC.

THINNING (Volume):
Directly applicable without thinning with water. Stir thorougly before using the paint and do not mix it with a paint of another trade-mark.

Final Drying: 24 hours

1 Liter of Bianca Elastic Exterior Wall Coating cover 1 – 1,2 m² a single dry film depending on the surface to be painted.

Shelf life is 2 years when stored unopened, dry and cool conditions.

15,00 l.


• While applying paint wear eye protective glasses
• In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
• Ensure maximum ventilation during application and drying.
• Keep container tightly closed and keep out of reach of children.
• Protect from frost and extreme temperature.
• Do not empty the excess paint into sink or closed.
• Clean paint brush and roller with water after each application.
• Ensure this pack is stored upright and secure during transportation.