Bianca Boya
Hydrocarbon resin based, semi-matte finish coat paint that contains metallic aluminium.

Can be applied on all kinds of metal components such as heating stoves, chimneys, heating furnaces and steam boilers, pipes of the heat conveying systems, electrical posts for protective and decorative purposes.


• Metallic appearance.
• Sticks well to the pre-coated surfaces.
• Resistance to temperatures of up to 200ºC.
• Easy application.
• Reflects UV light on the surfaces.
• Dries fast.

APPLICATION: The surfaces on which Bianca Aluminium Silver Paint will be applied must be freed of any dirt, grease and dust and besides being clean and dry, any traces of old paint must be removed. The rough surfaces must be smoothed with a scraper. Bianca Aluminium Silver Paint must be applied as a single layer by using a brush, paint roller or by way of spraying and its complete and equal penetration of the surface must be ensured. If required a second layer can be applied after an hour.

THINNING (Volume):
It is ready for use, apply without thinning.

Dry to the Touch: 20 minutes. Hard Drying:12 hours.

COVERAGE: Depending on the method of application and the surface, with 1 Liter of the product an area of 10 - 11 m² can be painted in single layer.

Shelf life is 2 years when stored unopened, dry and cool conditions.

12.00 l. / 2,20 l. / 0,65 l. / 0,35 l.


S2: Keep away from children.
S3/7/9: Store in a cool and well ventilated place, in its packaging.
S16: Keep away from sources that can easily catch fire, do not smoke nearby.
S23: Do not inhale the fumes of the product.
S24/25: Avoid contact with eye and skin.
S38: Wear an appropriate respiratory device under insufficient conditions of ventilation.
S46: In case of swallowing the product contact a doctor immediately. 

R11: Catches fire easily.
Will be dangerous for health when inhaled or contacted the skin.