Bianca Boya
Synthetic alkyd resin based cleanable topcoat paint with semi–gloss appearance and excellent covering power.

Applicable as a protective and decorative paint on interior and exterior surfaces of building elements such as gypsum plaster, gypsumboard, plaster, concrete, brick, iron costruction, wood,etc.
Complete fitness with the applied surface; no cracking, no blistering no-spilling.
• Non-faded due to its qualified pigment structure, with deep white and excellent covering capacity.
• Resistant to friction and washing enabling high quality performance.
• Time and labour saving bound to its high spreading power during the application.
• Gives semi-gloss and smooth apperance to the surfaces with its carefully selected colors and super quality.

A) Uncoated Surfaces:
 Dirt and dust on surfaces to be painted should be removed and treated with Sentetik Pasta or satin gypsum. Painting of wet surfaces should be strictly avoided. Defects on the surface should be eliminated using an appropriate putty.Never start with next steps unless the putty is set and emerised. Apply a very thin coat of Bianca Sentetik Astar in order to avoid over-consumption of paint and steeping of gypsum powder on surfaces treated with satin gypsum. Then Apply two coats of Bianca Yarımat.
B) Surfaces to be Re-painted: Swollen or loose paint should be removed and the entire surface should be properly emerised. Apply putty locally to eliminate any unevenness. Ensure that the surface to be painted is completely dry.Apply one coat of Antipas on metal surfaces and one coat of Sentetik Pasta on wooden surfaces depending on the surface conditions.It ıs recommended to apply a thin coat of Bianca Sentetik Astar if type of the previous paint is unknown.
Allow for at least 12 hours to apply the topcoat. After that apply two coats of Bianca Yarımat. Wait 24 hours between coats. It can be applied either with brush or roller at min.+5ºC, max.+30ºC temperature.

THINNING (Volume):
10 – 15 % to be thinned with thinner. Stir thoroughly before using the paint and do not mix it with a paint of another trade-mark.

Set to touch: 2 hours. Dust Free: 4 – 6 hours. Dry Hard: 24 hours.

1 Liter of Bianca Sentetik Yarımat Paint covers 18 – 22 m² a single dry film depending on the surface to be painted.


Shelf life is 2 years when stored unopened, dry and cool conditions.

15.00 l. / 3.75 l.


S2: Keep away from children.
S3/7/9: Store in a cool and well ventilated place, in its packaging.
S16: Keep away from sources that can easily catch fire, do not smoke nearby.
S23: Do not inhale the fumes of the product.
S24/25: Avoid contact with eye and skin.
S38: Wear an appropriate respiratory device under insufficient conditions of ventilation.
S46: In case of swallowing the product contact a doctor immediately. 

R11: Catches fire easily.
Will be dangerous for health when inhaled or contacted the skin.