Bianca Boya
Synthetic alkyd resin based matt primer which used to smooth and fill surfaces of concrete and wooden construction elements.

All kinds of interior and exterior wood, metal surfaces and mineral substrates as primer.

Perfect adhesion to the surface.
• Supreme covering abilities.
• Provides a smooth and flat surface
• Brings the previously painted surfaces into proper condition for recoating. 

All surfaces must be sound, clean, dry, and free of substances, preventing adhesion. It can be applied at min.+5ºC, max.+30ºC temperature.
A) Wood Surfaces: Any defects on wooden surfaces should be repaired with putty .Apply one or two coats of  Bianca Synthetic Primer in order to obtain a smooth and highly protected surface.
B) Metal Surfaces: After applying Bianca Antipas (Antirust) use one coat of Bianca Synthetic Primer.
C) Interior Surfaces:
The surface of the wall must be smoothed with satin plaster or sized paste. The surface smoothed must be left for drying at least 24 - 48 hours. The scrapes on the surface must be removed with a sandpaper. After the preparation of the surface, Bianca Synthetic Astar (Primer) is applied. Allow for at least 12 hours to apply the topcoat. Slightly sand the primer wipe the remainder dust after 48 hours for better adhesion of the topcoat.

THINNING (Volume):
To be thinned with 10 – 15 % of thinner. Stir  thoroughly before using the paint and do not mix it with a paint of another

DRYING PERIOD (20ºC): Set to touch: 2 hours. Dust repelling: 4 – 6 hours. Hardening: 8 -10 hours. Recoatable: 12 hours.  

1 Liter of Bianca Primer covers  18 – 22 m² a single dry film depending on the surface to be painted.


Shelf life is 2 years when stored unopened, dry and cool conditions.

15.00 l. / 2.50 l. / 0.75 l.


S2: Keep away from children.
S3/7/9: Store in a cool and well ventilated place, in its packaging.
S16: Keep away from sources that can easily catch fire, do not smoke nearby.
S23: Do not inhale the fumes of the product.
S24/25: Avoid contact with eye and skin.
S38: Wear an appropriate respiratory device under insufficient conditions of ventilation.
S46: In case of swallowing the product contact a doctor immediately. 

R11: Catches fire easily.
Will be dangerous for health when inhaled or contacted the skin.