Bianca Boya
Acrylic copolymer emulsion based white interior primer.

AREAS OF USE: Surfaces previously painted with water or solvent based paints that need change of color or decoration due to faded colors or dirtiness, and in general, applicable as an undercoat in all kinds of water based painting processes.

By penetration into the inner layers of the applied surface, provides complete fitness with the paint which will come over it.
Enables well spreading of the paint on the surface thus reducing the paint consumption due to its rapid drying in hot weathers and anti-absorbent nature.
Avoids water and moisture penetration in great scale.
Prevent the generation of moss and bacterium.
Avoids differential absorbtion of the paint by the surface.

APPLICATION: The surface must be clean and dry. It must be prepared by restoring blistered and spilled parts by a filling system. Particularly, the surfaces been applied solvent based oil paint must be scrapped and the oxidation layer must completely be removed and only after cleaning of the dust, the undercoating must be applied. It is applicable to the surface as a single layer either with brush, roller or spray method.  The temperature must be min.+5ºC, during the application.

THINNING (Volume):
At most 10 to be thinned with water.

Final Layer Paint Application: 24 hours.

COVERAGE: 1 Liter of primer covers 10 – 12 m² area depending on the surface.

Shelf life is 2 years when stored unopened, dry and cool conditions.

15,00 l. / 2,50 l. 


• While applying paint wear eye protective glasses
• In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
• Ensure maximum ventilation during application and drying.
• Keep container tightly closed and keep out of reach of children.
• Protect from frost and extreme temperature.
• Do not empty the excess paint into sink or closed.
• Clean paint brush and roller with water after each application.
• Ensure this pack is stored upright and secure during transportation.