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Professional Opinion
What should I consider while paint ?

- All the necessary tools and equipment for the paint should be ready for the usage.
- The most important point of application is that all the used products for painting should be of the same brand.
- The application instructions of the chosen products should be read carefully and the recommendations should be considered.
- The painting should never be applied on a dirty or moistures surface.
- The surface should be prepared according to the chosen paint art and the ground should be removed from impurities.
- The first application on cement plastered or crude concrete surfaces should be performed after 3-4 weeks at least.
- Before the application all the paints should be stired well with a mixer.
- The paints should not be applied in extreme hot and cold atmosphere.
- The painting application should be performed with thin layers.
Neither powder nor liquid additives should be added to the paints and the access diluting more than the recommended amount on the package label should be avoided.
- For better adherence, smooth surfaces should be politely polished with sandpaper.
- In order to be able to use the rest of the used paint, its solvent should be added just enough to cover the paint surface in the container. Without stirring the cover should be sealed well. It should be stored in cool places.