Bianca Boya
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       Decorative Cladding Systems
      Heat Insulation


Professional Opinion

-Applying the paint on wet surfaces.
-The formar paint may suck the solvent in the new paint.
-Moisture penetrating from the outside.
-On the surfaces which are not well prepared, after the drying of the paint, the film paint layer may swell because of moisture.

-If there is too much swelling on the surface, the paint layer should be peeled off totally and the paint should be applied again.
-The source of moisture should be blocked.
-All cavities and cracks through which moisture and water may come
from should be repaired.
-If there are just few swelling bubbles, they should scraped.
The edges of the uncovered places should declined. Following this, these local areas should be paint with an primer and at the last layer paint should be applied on the total surface.