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Professional Opinion
Loss of brilliance
If a brilliant paint is not shiny enough after the drying or loses its brilliance in a short time.

-The paint was applied on damp, dirty or greasy surface.
-If it is a surface pasted area, before the last layer application, the primer layer was not performed.
-The putty was not used where it was necessary especially for wooden, plaster or similar absorbing surfaces.
-The painting was performed while the putty was still soft.
-The paint was over diluted.
-Too much brush strokes on the painting were performed.

Applying an access layer of paint will stop the problem. But in some cases the reasons decreasing the brilliance of the paint also may cause late drying. In this manner, the second layer should never be applied unless the former one is dried completely. Before performing the painting, wait to drying of putty exactly and be applied primer is very important.